We're Drawing Near

We are receiving
Your imaginations
We're saying yes
And faith is born

Surrender to
Your way of thinking
Strongholds break (prov 21:22)
Cities shake, the veil is torn (matt 27:51)

You’re greater than our circumstance (1John 3:20)
And stronger than our fears

We're drawing near (James 4:8)
We are drawing

Savor the Taste
Of your revelations,
We’re giving thanks and truth is known
Witnesses to (acts 1:8)
All your signs and wonders
Your will is proved, Hearts are moved, Salvation’s shown


Possessed by a promise, left no other way (Mark 1 :15)
Destiny is calling
Face to face to face each day
Heaven is invading, All the Hopeless FADES AWAY (Luke 4:18)
(Walking in the Fullness)
Face to face to face each day